Greater than the sum of its parts. 
CESMII will tackle what no one entity can address alone, as a trusted third party. Be a part of this movement.


Membership Opportunities & Values for your Organization 

Participate. evolve. Get smart


Workforce & Training

Curriculum development, certifications and workforce training supports adoption of SM technologies via a national strategy. CESMII will secure an underrepresented talent pipeline, high skilled jobs and an improved business climate. 

Knowledge & NETWORKing

Opportunities to engage in committees, workshops, conferences and other group activities to learn, share and collaborate. Participate in the creation of a national roadmap for Smart Manufacturing technologies, services, training, and projects to insure industry priorities and challenges are represented.


CESMII supports the formation of partnerships to align interests and needs with the appropriate resource capabilities and services across the national network. Non-competitive collaboration allows partners to address common challenges and mitigate risk.

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Research & Development

Research and development provides opportunities to connect academia, laboratories and other scientific associations with practical industry environments to better understand and evaluate advanced technological solutions across manufacturing sectors. 

enabling infrastructure

Access to the SM Platform; a set of cloud services that integrates disparate systems into a marketplace of solutions, tackling the interoperability and security challenges that industry faces. The platform interfaces with new and existing infrastructure, reducing cost and risk.


A phased implementation approach allows for easy, affordable and low risk access to trial and test products. Industry cross-collaboration enables accelerated adoption. SM Platform infrastructure reduces the risk and cost to adopt new manufacturing technology and solutions.

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Industry testbeds

A diverse portfolio of industry testbeds accelerate development, testing, and adoption technologies. Training, testing and evaluation in simulated, real-time production environments reduce cost, time, and risk of new implementation with existing assets. 

Marketplace of Solutions

An open, cloud-based SM Marketplace enables real-time access to data-analytic applications and tools driving innovation. Members can implement lower-cost solutions for applications. Vendors will reach a broader market with new business opportunities.



Wide adoption of SM results in improved economic development, increased jobs and a highly skilled labor force. SM equips manufacturers with affordable energy and decision management tools, leading to environmental sustainability and safety considerations.